How we Work

At PrimeStreetwear (PSW), we bridge the gap between coveted streetwear and conscious consumers. Our unique model aggregates selections from renowned resale marketplaces, providing a singular platform where rarity and quality meet sustainability.


Handpicked by the PSW team, our mission is to scour all marketplaces, ensuring you access top-tier streetwear at unparalleled prices and with swift availability.


Every product undergoes a thorough verification by our experts. From condition checks to detailed inspections of labels, designs, colors, fabrics, and stitching, we ensure authenticity and pristine quality, so you receive items that are as good as new.


Our expedited delivery guarantees that your carefully authenticated and packaged treasures arrive swiftly, reinforcing the tangible proof of our hands-on verification process.

Verification Process

Delve into the meticulous authentication journey at PrimeStreetwear. Our step-by-step verification ensures every piece meets our exacting standards for quality and authenticity. From condition checks to brand verification, discover how we certify your streetwear’s legitimacy.

Condition CheckSTEP 1
Label VerficationSTEP 2
Design CheckSTEP 3
Fabric AnalysisSTEP 4

The PSW Difference

Discover The PSW Difference: where meticulous authentication meets personalized presentation. Each piece, once verified by our team, is carefully encased in custom PSW packaging, complete with authentication tags, ensuring your new treasure arrives in style, reflecting our commitment to quality at every step.


Each piece is elegantly enclosed in our custom Cloudy Zip Lock Bags, designed for both protection and sophistication. These bags, with their subtle transparency are packed with Exclusivity and care.


Seal of authenticity, our PSW VERIFIED Zip Ties add a touch of luxury to every piece. Crafted to symbolize our meticulous authentication, these elegant ties are your assurance of quality and exclusivity.

100% Satisfaction

At PrimeStreetwear, your confidence in us is paramount. We understand that even with the highest standards, rare discrepancies may occur. That’s why we’ve crafted a straightforward return policy, ensuring that if an item doesn’t meet your expectations, a hassle-free refund is guaranteed. Our commitment is to make your shopping experience worry-free, underlining the trust you place in us with every purchase.

Effortless Returns

Shop with the comfort of knowing that if your purchase isn't perfect, returning it is effortless. Our straightforward process ensures you can easily exchange or return items, no questions asked.

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Direct Support Line

Reach out to our Direct Support Line for quick answers and easy return setup. Our team is on standby to ensure your queries are resolved promptly, making your experience smooth and hassle-free.

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